Job Board Pro platform

Offering your professional audience better value and maintaining your relevance increasingly means broadening your services and finding new ways to engage. 

Make your organization the go-to destination for career development with our innovative Job Board Pro platform. 

Help your users to further their careers and achieve their goals by being their trusted resource for professional development. Combining advanced job board technology with sophisticated content, event and courses integrations, our Job Board Pro platform gives your users the tools they need to progress their careers.

ADP Platform by Madgex

Product Features

Why choose Madgex?

​Attract & convert users

Our job board pro platform allows you to integrate rich content offering your users all the advice and direction they need. 

  • Produce article hubs with relevant content about your sector
  • Become the place to go for professional development
  • Engage your audience and promote content via social networks
  • Attract SEO traffic with high quality, unique content
Responsive Job Board Madgex

Engage & retain members

We take a user-centered approach to ensure your job board will deliver a high quality experience at every touch point.

  • Match your brand with high-quality design & UX
  • Configure your system based on your audiences’ needs to maximize conversion rates
  • Tweak over time based on analytics and engagement
  • Grow your audience share and capture more data on your users 
Madgex UX Research

Revenue opportunities

Offer employers and recruiters the chance to reach your unique audience through your job board.

  • Extensive sales inventory to drive revenue growth
  • Use our excellent management information to identify opportunities
  • eCommerce enabled for self-service transactions
Madgex Board Meeting

Reduce Operational Costs

We focus on the technology so you can focus on the commercials. You can rely on our sophisticated job board pro platform to reduce your operational costs.

  • Technology fully serviced with fast changes and a flexible configuration
  • Automated tools to reduce resource on areas such as marketing
  • Ongoing innovation to keep you relevant & competitive without extra investment
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Be there at every stage of their career

Give your association members the opportunity to further their expertise, learn new skills and to take their careers to the next level, by integrating with our Course board platform. Display relevant course listings alongside vacancies to give your users a complete career management solution.

BMJ Course Board Platform by Madgex