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Madgex make world class technology solutions and our talented team make that all possible. It takes talented people to develop the software. We hire people that care and inspire and give them the creative environment they need to produce great innovative solutions for our products.

Meet some of our Tech Team

Andy, Lead Developer

As lead developer, my job is to write new products and improve existing products. One of the best things about working at Madgex is the company’s appetite for innovation and a willingness to take on new technology. If you come up with a good idea, we will go for it. Things happen quickly here.

I’ve recently been working on projects using Elasticsearch. We initially used it in a new implementation of our candidate search, then the job search.

We are using a lot of current techniques/tools. I feel quite lucky as I have been able to formulate these ideas in my head and implement them into a project. Working here is exciting, challenging and stimulating.

Celine, Frontend developer

One of the most exciting things about building sites at Madgex is the sheer number of users. Right now we have tens of millions of users a month using our products, which throws up all sorts of interesting challenges! Everything we produce has to be intuitive, performant and work on a wide range of devices, browsers and of course be accessible. That means being involved in design, A/B testing, user testing, performance budgets, building our own device lab and accessibility reviews.

Working with some big brand clients often comes with a sense of satisfaction, I love it when a friend is looking for a job on one of our sites, I’ll say ‘I did that!’.  I’m proud of what we do.

I feel like I have the right amount of autonomy and encouragement at Madgex, if I want to learn or investigate better ways of doing something, no problem, it’s encouraged. Recently we built a Chrome Extension that extends our deployment system, and a Slackbot we’re calling ‘Mother’. We can ask Mother for project details and deployment status of our sites, all from within Slack.

We’re a keen little team, always keeping an eye on the next big thing & experimenting.

Chris, Software Developer

Things never stay still at Madgex – all the projects I work on vary wildly and I have to get my head around all the latest technologies.

I help develop the new products here, and it’s often up to me to find the right tool to use, so play an important role in the business.

I work with great people, picking up good practise and developing my skills. The company is also happy to send us on conferences and provides us with access to learning platforms such as Pluralsight, so I’m always developing my skills.

The social side of Madgex is really important, as well. I could do this job anywhere, but it’s the people and the effort the company puts in that makes me want to work here.

Managers are keen to listen and take on board what people are saying. There is a lot of respect and freedom between them and staff members.

Would I recommend working here? Of course! Just keep your hands off my job.

Russ, Lead Systems Engineer

The Systems team is responsible for maintaining the hosting environment. We host 100s of websites, so there’s never a dull moment! Having direct ownership and responsibility for the environment is really exciting.

There is a real drive to try out new technologies, so we don’t stagnate or get left behind. It also means I get to do lots of fun stuff while improving the business.

When I applied for a job here, I didn’t realise it would be this good. Madgex is different to anywhere I’ve worked – not just because of the technology, but because the business has been built around how it treats its staff. Everyone one counts because we are all working towards a better business. 

Dan, Support & Internal Projects Manager

I work in the Support team, which often means there is a backlog of tasks to do and they all have varying priorities. By using Scrum and Kanban we can easily break down our backlog in to manageable chunks and make noticeable progress, which fosters a sense of achievement in the team. 

The main reason I like Madgex is that if you have a good idea they’ll say, ‘go on then, have a go’. They are keen to do things differently and aren’t afraid of change.

That’s the great thing about working here. Madgex trusts us to do the job and they allow you to grow.

Rachel, Dev Team Lead and Scrum Master

Things are always evolving at Madgex, so we use a project management technique that has managing change at its core.

Agile enables us to adapt to change and provides a framework for encouraging continual assessment and improvement of the way we work.

We use variations of Kanban or Scrum across the company teams. We use JIRA as a tool to help with this because it was developed with Scrum in mind.

Madgex is very solutions focussed; every team has its own process, but we all help each other improve.

"Madgex behaviours" are at the heart of how we work. These were created by the Madgex employees for the Madgex employees so that we can all work harmoniously.

But the best thing about Madgex? Cake Fridays. The cake is great.

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