Want to find out what to expect in 2016? Watch our exclusive webinar hosted by the Job Board Doctor - Jeff Dickey-Chasins. 

Join Jeff as he takes a deep dive into the critical trends that are affecting the online recruiting and job board industry this year!

Get prepared for the road ahead as you learn about: 

  • Why candidate data is more important than ever (and why resumes aren’t enough) 
  • How platforms have become transparent – and what that means for job boards 
  • What ‘job postings everywhere’ really means for the bottom line 
  • Why candidate training is the next big thing 
  • How a shrinking skilled labor market is driving employer branding
Webinar Video

Webinar: 6 key trends for online recruiting in 2016 from Madgex on Vimeo.

About The Job Board Doctor

The Job Board Doctor is Jeff Dickey-Chasins, a veteran of the job board, publishing, and e-learning industries. The consulting services he provides will help your job board increase sales, profitability, and customers.

Jeff was the original marketing director for Dice.com, growing it from $7 million to $65+ million in three years. He has worked with 450+ job boards and HR-related sites over the past 20 years, in almost every sector, including finance, technology, education, health care, sales and marketing, energy, and specific geographic regions. 

He has published research, e-books, and blog posts on almost every aspect of the industry. He also speaks at industry conferences on key topics in the online recruiting industry.

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