Digital opportunities for media and B2C companies

Using client success stories for case studies, Madgex and Abacus e-Media have come together to bring you this informative breakfast-time event. Our aim is to equip you with implementable ideas to create new revenue and profit streams, as well as saving costs. In what Time magazine called ‘the decade from hell’, media and publishing companies have had some of the front seats on the economic roller coaster. Taking both hits to their revenues and profits in advance of others, equally they are always amongst the first to fight back. This two-hour seminar shows you how organisations with strong brands and engaged communities can relatively easily implement the tools to introduce new online revenue models with rapid ROI, as well as rapidly cutting costs through streamlining production and editorial processes. As well as discussing the theory and implementation practicalities, we are proud to welcome clients who have proven the models on their bottom-lines.


Making alternative revenue models work: A TV company and online recruitment

David Archer, Managing Director, Scottish Television Ventures [slideshare id=3363793&doc=madgex20jan2010v2-stvdavidarcher-100308053306-phpapp01]

Lessons learned: reduce your development overhead and increase commercial inventory

Conor Dignam, Group Editor and Director of Media, Emap Inform [slideshare id=3363791&doc=emap-webvisionpresentation-100308053303-phpapp01]

A powerful business case: how the ROI models stack up for media brand owners

Mads Moller, Former Global Sales Director, Madgex [slideshare id=2988301&doc=jobboardandcvmatchroimodelseminar200110-100125081525-phpapp02]

A cost-effective platform model: streamlining the production and editorial processes

Ian Eckert, Project Director, Abacus e-Media [slideshare id=3363792&doc=abacus-webvisionpresentation-100308053307-phpapp02]

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