The Madgex job board platform has deep Twitter integration which allows you to engage with Twitter users as part of your social recruitment strategy.

Twitter feeds

The Madgex Job Board Platform incorporates a highly flexible Twitter tool which allows you to create as many fully automated Twitter feeds as you wish. The process has been designed to be as simple as possible and it’s as easy as creating a Twitter account and filling in a form within the Madgex content management system. Once you have created your Twitter feeds you can start publishing your job adverts straight away. To help ensure you do not overwhelm a subscriber you can limit the number of job adverts sent in a day and even control the time of day they are published.

Increase traffic beyond your job board

To help target job adverts for a specific niche or target audience you can pick a specific type of job advert to publish based on the search categorisation of your job board such as a job title or industry sector. If you create a specific Twitter account purely for “Design jobs in Brighton”, anyone searching for that type of job would be shown a message asking them to follow the account. Follow links are automatically presented to any user who searches the job board for similar jobs. We also provide a central page as part of your job board which lists all your twitter accounts allowing job seekers to select the most appropriate account to follow based on their needs.

Tweet this job

All jobs posted via our job board platform display a simple “Tweet this job” link next to any type of job advert. By clicking on the link it creates a message for the user with a shortened URL linking back to the original page. The message is automatically formatted with keyword rich content and added to a pop-up window from the main Twitter site. The user is given the freedom to edit the message before tweeting to include additional information such as hashtags, #Design #Jobs #Brighton, making the tweet more search friendly.

In-depth analytics

Madgex has created its own URL shortening service “”, similar to popular third party providers such as or This allows us to track job seekers clicking on links from Twitter and display the amount of traffic driven from both the feeds and “Tweet this job” links. In fact we can also track and display the true value of your engagement with Twitter by showing its impact on job application rates. This can be viewed at a per- job level or job board wide ensuring full and accurate reporting capabilities.

Harness the power of social recruitment

Using the Madgex Twitter tool can help increase job seeker traffic to your job board and further enhance your social media presence. If you are not already utilising Twitter as part of your social recruiting strategy it is an ideal place to start. According to a survey conducted by Jobvite 64% of companies have hired employees through social media and 64% use two or more social media channels *. This further emphasizes why social media has become an essential tool for sourcing and recruiting the best talent.

As part of our dedication to innovation we are constantly looking at new ways to help our clients improve their job board business via social media channels. Our research and development team are currently looking at our further improvements based around the recently announced “Apply with LinkedIn” feature. Once more details are available we’ll let you know.

* Source: Jobvite, The State of Social Recruiting in 2011

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