JOB2SEA saw an immediate uplift in traffic after migrating to Madgex. In June 2012 JOB2SEA had outstanding results with 7006 applications processed via the system and 58,710 views. JOB2SEA have at the moment:

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The Challenge

JOB2SEA was originally a project started by the Danish Maritime Officers before becoming a separate company in 2010. The brief was to redesign the existing site in line with a revised strategy to become the largest job board for the maritime sector in the world. This ambitious project was headed up by Jakob le Fevre a leading online marketing pioneer. The vision was to resolve the vacuum in the market with a world class job board featuring the largest range of maritime jobs globally.

The Solution

Following a world-wide survey of potential job board software providers Madgex was selected as JOB2SEA’s preferred technology partner. Madgex were able to demonstrate a clear commitment to continued innovation enabling JOB2SEA to offer advanced tools to both jobseekers and recruiters. This was cemented by Madgex’s multi-channel approach which included a mobile enabled jobseeker site, deep social media integration and powerful push notification capabilities.

Before the new Madgex site was launched JOB2SEA had only been able to upload jobs manually, setting a limit for jobs that could be featured on the site to 100 per month. Thanks to the new self-service recruiter portal and intuitive content management system this was no longer an issue. Since launching in December 2011 the site has consistently featured well over 2700 jobs each month from leading maritime companies from across the world.


When we were scanning the market to find a replacement for our current supplier, we were looking at all ranges from the very cheap systems to the high end solutions. Our ambitions for our job board are big, and we quickly realized that we needed a partner who was continually developing the system in order to stay in front of competitors. We furthermore had a long list of features that we wanted and we also went deeply into the processes of the various companies that we were screening.  There was no doubt when we finally decided for Madgex. Not only does Madgex have the most technologically competitive product but the service levels are outstanding. I can´t wait to see what new features Madgex come up with next!

Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director, JOB2SEA


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